Keeping things safe!

Confidentiality Statement

At The Vine Child Contact Centre volunteers follow a clear confidentiality policy in regard to the users of this centre. Our confidentiality policy is available for you to read at any time; however we understand time spent with your child is valuable.

This is a summary of the policy:
Volunteers will not discuss or disclose details regarding a family outside of the Contact Centre.
A parent’s address or telephone number will not be passed on to any other person or agency without your permission, unless a child or any other person using the centre is felt to be at risk of harm. All information relating to families and volunteers will be kept in a secure locked place at all times.

Code of Conduct

It is necessary at every child contact centre that there are clear rules in place. These are for the benefit of the children, parents and volunteers. It is a requirement of using the centre that the rules are not breeched.
  • No child or children should be left without a parent in attendance.

  • Parents are always responsible for the safety of their children.

  • New partners may not attend unless agreed by all parties in writing beforehand.

  • Photography and videoing are not allowed without prior permission from the centre.

  • Mobile phones may not be used – please switch off your mobile phones when attending a session.

  • A child may not be taken from the centre during a visit unless stated on the referral form or with the written permission of both separated parents. Forms are available on request from the volunteers.

  • Relatives and friends can only attend if they are named on the referral form or with the permission of you and your ex-partner. Forms are available from a volunteer on request.

  • We have no facilities for pets, so please do not bring them.

  • We have a no smoking policy.

  • Please do not bring alcohol or drugs into the centre. Anyone under the influence of alcohol /drugs will not be admitted.

  • Abusive or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated and those involved will be asked to leave and refused entry on future occasions.

  • Please tell us if you make other arrangements for family time or if you will not be coming on a particular day.

  • Please leave a contact telephone number when your child or children are with us.

  • Please help us protect the premises and property from any unnecessary damage.