About Us 

The Vine Child Contact is a project that exists to serve the people of Leeds and the surrounding area. We operate as part of the Wharfedale Vineyard charity. Our vision is a vibrant, thriving city where the people we work with fulfill their personal, social, economic and spiritual potential. As a charity we are committed to building bridges into our communities and joining in with the vision for Leeds set out by Tom Riordan, The Chief Executive of Leeds City Council who has said, "We are setting ourselves a challenge to be the best city in the country. Not the richest, or the biggest, but the best for all who live and work in Leeds - our children, our communities and our business. A place where everyone can enjoy a good quality of life."

Currently we run a child contact centre.  Take a look around our site at some of the work we do and find out how you can get involved and support us in changing lives. 

Child Contact Centre

The Child Contact Centre is a safe, friendly and neutral place where children of separated parents can meet their non-resident parent or family member. The centre aims to help children whose parents have separated and where there is no reasonable alternative way for them to spend time with them. It is a child friendly environment, with toys, games, books and other facilities available.

Debt Advice Centre

The Vine has previously run a debt advice service run in partnership with Christians Against Poverty (CAP), an award winning debt counselling charity. If you’re in debt and you feel like you’re never going to get yourself out of it, then we can help. If you need help we'd highly recommend that you take a look on the Christians Against Poverty website and get some help. 

Quotes from those who are involved

"Sharing an office with the centre managers, I've been privileged to hear that there have been so many success stories with clients and families since The Vine has been up and running. I am pleased to support an organisation which is dramatically impacting the city for the better. As time goes on, it becomes more and more apparent how great the need is--what a blessing that The Vine's capacity is increasing to help fill the gap."

As one of The Vine trustees, I am in a privileged position to hear the reports and stories coming out of both the debt advice and child contact centres. I am constantly amazed at the incredible impact both centres are having in our local communities – from children getting to see their dads after a long period of absence to families being set free from the shackles of debt. One story that resonated with me recently, was of an 8yr old boy not able to have breakfast because of debt. Our centre manager visited them and was able to bring along cereal and groceries and so he got to eat a belated breakfast – that sort of impact in our communities and families is simply priceless.
I can send money and people and give my own time to the Vine secure in the knowledge that it is making a real difference in Leeds.