How it Works


Opening times

Alternate Saturdays 10am – 12pm.


Premises and facilities

  • The contact centre is a secure and safe room for your children to have contact in and feel safe.
  • There is roadside car parking available near the centre.
  • Toilet facilities are available and disabled toilets.
  • The centre has disabled access and access for prams and buggies.
  • There are baby changing facilities.
  • Refreshments are available at a reasonable price. Squash is free of charge for the children.
  • Age appropriate toys are available for all age groups including children under three and teenagers.
  • Toys for children with special needs are available please speak to the co-ordinator to discuss the possibility of us purchasing toys suitable for your child’s specific needs.

From the perspective of a parent

Arriving at the centre we are always greeted by the excellent and friendly volunteers. I go upstairs where there are refreshments and it's a great opportunity to relax a little and chat to some of the other parents and volunteers. They always listen well and I know that my child is safe downstairs. (this refers to the waiting areas in our previous venue)

From the perspective of a child

When I arrive at the big building I get to into a large room where there are lots of toys and also my daddy. I get to play with him and the other children while mummy goes upstairs. It's great fun to play with all the other children and to also see my daddy. 


I’m concerned about meeting my former partner, what can I do?
If you do not wish to meet your former partner, please let us know so that we can do our best to prevent this. We can arrange a separate waiting area.

Can I leave my child unattended?

Your child may not be left without a parent in attendance at any time. Please co-ordinate handovers with the centre’s volunteers.

Can I take my child out?
Children can only be taken out of the centre if you and your former partner have agreed and informed us. We require written authorisation from both parents. Forms are available on request.

What If I cannot come?
Let your former partner and our co-ordinator know as soon as possible. When the centre is not open, please telephone and leave a message on the contact number provided.

Pre Contact Visits?
Prior to using the child contact centre, you will be asked to come whilst a session is in progress to have a look around and sign the child contact agreement. We will arrange for you and your ex-partner to attend at different times.

All our volunteers have had references and a DBS Check undertaken, and attended Child Contact training, prior to starting in their role.

Referral to Child Contact Centre
Parents are referred to the centre by their legal representative or CAFCASS. We also accept self-referrals - please email

What facilities are available?
There are toys, games, puzzles, drawing materials and books are available, as well as a pool table for older children. We also provide refreshments: tea, coffee, squash and healthy snacks.